Xbox One Ring 4 Insiders to get latest Creators Update build today

Arif Bacchus

A tweet from Microsoft employee Brad Rossetti has revealed that Xbox One Ring 4 Insiders will get the latest Creators Update build today. Ring 4 is the slowest Ring on the Xbox Insider program, so it would seem these gamers have been left eagerly waiting for new features which have already graced Insiders in the other Preview Rings.

Though patch notes are not yet available, Insiders in Ring 4 should be expected to receive performance-enhancing features such as improvements to the Activity Feed and Profile, Looking for Group (LFG,) and changes to My Games and Apps, and Settings. Availability of these features to Ring 4 also means that Microsoft could be done with the development of the Xbox version of Creators Update, but it’s best to keep tunes for more information.