Xbox One redefines classic horror in HD – Preorder Resident Evil today

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Xbox one redefines classic horror in hd – preorder resident evil today

When the original Resident Evil video game was released in 1996, it defined what we now know today as the survival horror genre. Capcom’s masterpiece, dropped us into the shoes of a Special Tactics and Rescue Service Alpha Team law enforcement task. After the team becomes trapped in a mansion populated by mutants – the game begins.

Since its original release, Resident Evil sequels have touched almost every handheld and console platform on the market. The next upcoming game in the series is Resident Evil: Revelations 2, which is scheduled to be released next month. However, if you have never played any of the Resident Evil games before, now is your chance to start with the original.

Rejoice in joining a Special Forces team in the re-mastered HD version of the original 1996 horror video game classic. Preorders begin today for $19.99, and the game will be officially playable on January 20 at 12:01 AM PDT.

Checkout the download link below for more info and to preorder your digital copy.

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