Xbox One to receive television and multimedia updates - DLNA functionality onboard

Xbox One to receive television and multimedia updates - DLNA functionality onboard - - September 9, 2014

For those looking to improve their Xbox One TV experience, look no further than the new System Update, which will be rolling out to exclusive preview program members over the next week. We do not currently have our hands on the update yet, but we can fill you in on the changes that will shortly be headed to the preview crowd, and then to all Xbox Live members.

Microsoft wants to be the center of your living room, and to do so, they understand that they have to master the TV. Improving the Xbox One’s snap feature, that allows one to multitask while watching TV or playing a game, is a step forward towards living room domination. The upcoming update will allow the console’s Friend and Message apps to be snapped – something that could not be previously accomplished.

In addition to applications receiving new snap functionality, the console will be receiving direct improvements for watching TV and other multimedia. A new media app will introduce DLNA streaming, allowing users to play content from devices or home servers that support the protocol. The system will also receive an update to support the MKV file format when streamed or played off a USB storage device.

If you are looking to get more social, the new Live TV Trending area will catch you attention to show you what is most popular in your country – the new feature will be located as a tab in your OneGuide. It is worth noting that this featuring will be only rolling out to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

If you are already a fan of OneGuide, then you will be excited to hear about the new MiniGuide that will be available. The guide will allow users to quickly change channels or view what is playing on another channel without needed to take up the entire screen.

Other additional changes will be made available, including the ability to allow apps to list their content within Xbox One’s MiniGuide, new universal remote control support within SmartGlass, and the ability to hide specific games and apps on your console.

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