Xbox One Preview users can stream games to Windows 10 PCs

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At this point, its safe to say that Microsoft has made something of a big bang at E3. Xbox One users will soon benefit from a new 'Elite' controller, backwards compatibility and even PC mods (for some games), following updates later in the year.

Now, as discussed on the forums, news has come that users of the Xbox One Preview have gained a new ability, namely to stream games to a PC running Windows 10. Although this feature is currently live, it will not work with every game, those depending on the likes of the Kinect sensor are unavailable, and there is no word as to whether this will be addressed in future.

Mouse and keyboard input is also, at least for the moment, disabled, input must be via an Xbox One controller. Microsoft has published an FAQ further explaining the limitations for the moment.

Will you be streaming Xbox One games to your PC? Let us know in the comments below.

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