Xbox One Preview Alpha Build (1804.180407-1335) fixes audio & app bugs

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One X

Xbox One Preview Build 1804.180407-1335 has begun to roll out to Alpha Xbox Insiders and it’s expected to expand to Omega and Delta users within the next 24 hours.

This latest Preview Build fixes loads of bugs associated with Xbox One system volume, Game Hubs, the Activity Feed, and App stability in addition to a variety of Settings and game glitches. Here’s the release notes.


  • Activity Feed: Fixed an issue in which users would receive a “Something went wrong” error message when sharing game clips and captures through Twitter.
  • App Stability: Fixed an issue in which a user would be using an app such as Netflix or Hulu would logout then unable to launch the app again until they power cycled.
  • Audio: Fixed an issue in which some users would experience loss of system sounds on Home.
  • Game Hub: Fixed an issue in which users some users with High Contrast enabled could not see active Club counts and Looking For Group (LFG) post counts.

Game Installation:

  • Resolved an issue which prevented some users from installing certain Games (Minecraft and Fallout Shelter), and received no notifications of the installation failure.
  • Loss of Home Navigation playing Guitar Hero
  • Fixed an issue in which users some users playing Guitar Hero with a Guitar Hero controller would return to Home and be unable to perform any navigation with their controller.
  • Mixer Crowd Control: Fixed an issue when a user used the co-pilot for extended sessions the feature would stop working.
  • My Games and Apps Collection: You should no longer encounter an issue with My Games and Apps appearing empty or non-functional when launched.
  • Settings – Privacy: Fixed an issue in which some users could not view or change Privacy Settings.
  • System Reliability: Resolved a system stability issue that could result in apps crashing when multiple games or apps are running.
  • Video Playback: Fixed issues with the UHD version of Disney’s latest BD-disc “Thor:Ragnarok” disc in which playback would hang towards the end of the movie.

Known Issues

  • Pi-hole: Pi-hole users may encounter issues signing in, creating, or recovering accounts upon downloading the 1804 update. This is due to a new configuration file which is downloaded from a URL Pi-hole blocks by default. Workaround: Add to the Pi-hole allowed IP address list.
  • Profile Color: Sometimes users may encounter an incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.
  • Audio: Hulu app volume is lower than expected—the Hulu team is working on an app update.

Audio Issues Help Needed: We need your help if you are experiencing any audio issues on the console! If you experience any loss of audio on Home or in games and apps please use Report a problem and provide as much detail as possible please including:

  • TV make and model
  • Audio receiver or headset make and model
  • Duration and frequency of the issue (How long did the issue occur? How often?)
  • A video of the issue including audio if possible – please post a link to the video in your bug or we can direct message you for it.

Xbox Insiders are Xbox One owners who have opted-in to test early builds of the console’s operating system before they’re rolled out to the general public. Within Xbox One Insiders are several groups, such as Alpha and Omega, which are given builds at different times or asked to test different features than the other groups.

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