Xbox One launches tomorrow, are you prepared?

Xbox One Launch Party

Can you smell it? I can. Xbox One is almost upon us, with less than 24 hours to go, the world is preparing itself for one of the biggest console launches in history. In a matter of fact, a few million of you are already there, as Xbox One has now officially launched in New Zealand and Australia. The Xbox team at Studio A have already started their celebrations, with their New Zealand countdown finishing just hours ago.

Across the world, parties are about to begin as the Xbox One launch kicks off. In the UK, there’s an entire square dedicated to the launch of Xbox One. We assume there’ll be music and drinks for all! The UK isn’t the only one taking part in launch parties, as other countries around the world are too getting ready to party. If you pre-ordered the console online, you can expect it to ship out today if it hasn’t already.

Are you excited for the launch of Xbox One? Are you planning to take part in any Xbox One launch parties or are you more of a PlayStation fan? Maybe you just don’t like people and would rather sit at home and wait for the delivery man to hand you over the package. No matter who you are, we want to know how you’re celebrating!

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