Xbox One outpaces PlayStation 4 sales during Black Friday 2014 -
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Xbox One outpaces PlayStation 4 sales during Black Friday 2014

Xbox One outpaces PlayStation 4 sales during Black Friday 2014

Microsoft’s aggressive strategy for the holiday season is working. The company’s gaming console Xbox One has outpaced Sony’s PlayStation 4 in the Black Friday sales, according to sales and research firm InfoScout. The Xbox One accounted for 53 percent of all console sales whereas Sony’s PlayStation 4 could only capture 31 percent of the market.

“The majority of console consumers were in the giving mood on Friday as 80% purchased the item as a gift, though 10% of those admitted it would likely get pulled out from under the tree before Christmas,” mentioned InfoScout chief on company's blog. The firm made this conclusion after checking the receipts of over 182,000 people on the Black Friday.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced a massive discount on the Xbox One gaming console ahead of the holiday season. The company’s move to sell the console for $330 (compared to Sony’s $400 price tag for PlayStation 4) at the big retailers like Target and Walmart, evidently did the trick. Exciting title bundles including Xbox One with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Unity also came in handy to give the company the lead it craved for.

Xbox One outpaces PlayStation 4 by miles on Black Friday

Ever since Microsoft decided to offer an Xbox One bundle without the motion detection system Kinect for $100 cheaper, the sales of its gaming console has gained a significant boost. Launched at $500 retail price last year, the console is now available for $400, if you don’t care for Kinect. Until January of 2015, thanks to the holiday season offerings, the company is happy to give you one bundle for $350.

Interestingly, even the last generation console, Xbox 360 was able to capture 9% of the sales, which is still more than Ninetindo’s current generation Wii U, which could only account for 6 percent of sales. Sony’s PlayStation 3 could, however, only manage 1 percent of the share.

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