Xbox One or Playstation 4, which one have you pre-ordered?

Xbox vs Playstation

With less than one month to go before both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 launch, gamers are making their final decisions if they haven’t already on which console they are planning to get over the next few weeks. At first, Xbox’s future seemed troublesome, with the backlash from gamers regarding Xbox One DRM. Playstation 4 however has had a smooth ride throughout, but things have changed.

Today, with only a few weeks to go, have you made your decision? Have you forgiven Microsoft for what they were planning to do with Xbox One, or do you see a brighter future with the Playstation? Take our poll below and let us know.

Xbox One is set to launch on November 22nd. for $499. The Playstation 4 is set to launch on November 15 for $399. The devide between both console fanbase’s has been even more apparent than ever this time around, with both Sony and Microsoft feeding off each others problems and down sides. The outcome of both consoles seem to be equal though, so putting your money down on either one will ultimately results in a similar experience, with games at least.

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