Xbox One officially hits the China market

Xbox One officially hit the China market

Microsoft is desperate to get its products into every market, and China is one of the largest. The company is managing to beat rival Sony into the ecosystem there, by launching its Xbox One console today. This is big news in the Asian nation, as video gaming has been restricted, really banned, for sometime. 

The launch is massive, making the Xbox One available at more than 4,000 retailers located in 37 different cities around the country. The event even generated lines outside of stores, as people waited patiently to finally be able to get hands on with a gaming console. Specific game titles, unfortunately, are currently being inspected by local regulators and no word on when they will be available for purchase.

"This milestone is significant for both our partnership with China and our global expansion plan. Every new market launch is unique and we’re grateful to our fans for their patience and enthusiasm”, says Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. “We will continue to work closely with our partner BesTV to bring exciting games, entertainment and app experiences to delight gamers across China". 

The Xbox One is now available in 41 different markets around the globe and Microsoft calls it the most successful launch ever. While that may be true, sales have lagged behind the Sony box. It also isn't cheap -- retail pricing in China equates to $600. 

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