Xbox One May 2015 system update brings voice messages, power options, and more

Xbox One

The Xbox One May 2015 system updates brings more features to Microsoft’s latest console. Major Nelson outlines the changes as he does every month. This month, Xbox One users get voice messages, user selectable power mode, and more.

According to Major Nelson, the ability to send and receive voicemails was “the No. 1 feature requested in the Friends and Parties area on the Xbox Feedback site.” This feature is now available and is a long overdue update to the Xbox One.

You can now also turn your console on or off with your Windows Phone, iOS, Android device thanks to an update to the Xbox One Smartglass apps. To do this you have to have your mobile device and console on the same home network.

You also gain “user selectable power mode” which allows you to change your power mode from Instant-on or Energy-saving mode. Environmentalists complained about the Xbox One’s power consumption so this is likely in response to their vocal complaints.

A feature that isn’t finished but is being worked on is the “dedicated servers for party chat.” This feature is currently available for preview members but according to Major Nelson the Xbox team “will start to expand the availability of the party chat relay services beyond preview members to a broader audiences.” He also clarified that further fine tuning is needed before a full rollout.

The Xbox teams responds to user feedback and it has led to major changes including Miracast support and more so make sure to share your feedback with them.

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