Xbox One launch titles packed and ready to ship out


Xbox One launch titles packed and ready to go!

Ten days to go and everything is in place for the Xbox One launch. There have been lots of exciting snippets over the past few days including the auctioning of a white console as well as the revelation that Microsoft is giving away Xbox Ones to loyal gamers. The anticipation is (almost) part of the fun, but it’s good to know that there really isn’t much longer to wait.

Now gamers have another reason to get excited — those all-important launch titles are not only so close you could also smell them, but they are packed up ready to ship out to store already. It looks as though things are not being left until the last minute, and there appears to be little danger of games not hitting the shelves in time.

According to Xbox Wire, there are a number of games sitting on pallets in warehouses, shrink-wrapped and ready to go. The site has posted images of four game-laden pallets, each bearing a sign that reads “Do not sell before November 22, 2013”.

We already know that some Xbox Ones have shipped early, but after this slip up it would seem unlikely that these games will leak out ahead of the official launch date.

Still… it just makes it all that much more real! Hands up if you’re excited!