Xbox One and Windows 10 video game Killer Instinct to get comic book series in 2017

Brad Stephenson

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Killer Instinct on Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One and Windows 10 fighting game, Killer Instinct, will soon get its own official comic book series as part of a new partnership with Dynamite Entertainment.

Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci, said of the agreement, “We are thrilled to enter into a partnership with Microsoft Studios with Killer Instinct. As we continue to expand our line of video game tie-in titles, Killer Instinct is a perfect choice with great characters to explore and expand upon. The comics will be the beginning of a publishing program, which we will announce more details around soon! I think fans will be very pleased with what we have coming.”

No creative team for the upcoming Killer Instinct comic book series has been announced yet and it’s not clear if there will be an ongoing series, a few mini-series, several one-shots, or a combination of all of the above. Given the scale of the Killer Instinct in-game storyline and variety of characters (spies, demons, vampires, teenage demon hunters, immortal Vikings, etc) the specific focus of the comic books is also up in the air.

“I played Killer Instinct back in its original incarnation and I was always impressed with the great character designs and interesting world that they had built out from the start. This is a game that has a rich history now… and they keep adding to it with more cool characters and game features on a regular basis, which is helping it gain even more fans,” Dynamite Director of Business Development, Rich Young, teases. “I’ve spoken a couple times with the KI team, and their passion really comes through, so I already know we’re going to create some amazing work here. It’s going to be a very fun world to play around in!”

Do you think Killer Instinct’s storyline and characters would make for a strong comic book series? What sort of story would you like to see told? Let us know in the comments below.