Xbox One June update brings external hard drive support, allows you to use your real name

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Xbox one june update brings external hard support, allows you to use your real name

June update for Xbox One is now available to download. As promised, the update brings support for external hard-drive (storage) and the ability to use your real name on Xbox Live. Along with that, SmartGlass has got some improvements as well.

Probably the best feature is that you can attach up to two USB 3.0 external hard drives to the Xbox One console -- not only do you get extra storage, but if you put a faster hard-drive, it could help improve overall performance of the device as well. Plus, you will be able to take the game with you and play it on your friend’s console without having to download the game again.

Also not to forget that Xbox One users can also also enjoy Games for Gold feature. You will be able to enjoy video streaming services right on your console too. Do check Hulu Plus, which is free for first three months.

And not to forget, you will be able to share your screen name and account information to select people - a friend, a group of friends, friends of friends or no one. In addition, the IR blaster now understands several new command codes. And, the SmartGlass second screen app now controls your DVR. TV guide on Xbox is now available in Canada, UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

The update is live now, go and get it!

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