Xbox One headset adapter delayed, you can’t use third-party headsets until early 2014!

Xbox One's headset adapter

For those of you wishing to use a third-party headset on your brand new Xbox One entertainment console once it is released on November 22nd, you will be out of luck for a little while. Apparently, the Xbox One headset adapter has been delayed until early 2014.

This detail comes from a third-party manufacturer Turtle Beach, who recently revealed in a press release that two of the company’s upcoming headsets have been pushed back to Q1 of 2014. “The Xbox One Headset Adapter, being built by Microsoft and provided to Turtle Beach for inclusion with new gaming headsets, will not be available until early 2014,” explained Turtle Beach. The headsets include the XO Four and XO Seven.

The Xbox One headset adapter is needed for new third-party headsets as well as backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 headsets. These adapters will arrive with the upcoming headset lineup from Turtle Beach. For those of you who will be obtaining the Xbox One once it launches on November 22nd, have no fear, you will be able to use the official Xbox One headset.

In a related note, one of the new features Microsoft promised with the Xbox One was the ability to use your real name instead of your Gamertag on Xbox Live. This feature is called “real identities” and unfortunately will also not be available during the launch of the Xbox One.

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