Xbox One hard drives fill up way before you might think!


Xbox One hard drives fill up way before you might think!

Your Xbox One may come with a 500GB hard drive but according to experiments conducted by IGN, you could fill it up far more easily than you might expect. At launch there were a total of 23 games available for the console, but it seems that installing just 20 of them is enough to generate warnings that the hard drive is full.

With a little experimentation, IGN determined that only around 362GB of space was being used up by the game installations. The test were conducted on a console without game saves, and with minimal apps installed. Even if every single app available was installed, this would only occupy just over 1GB, so where is all the space going?

Microsoft told IGN that the Xbox One’s operating system and various first party apps occupy the remaining space, but this does seem like a lot of gigabytes — 138GB for the OS and a few apps!

This may not seem like a huge issue, but until external storage is support, it is one that is going to get worse as time goes on. Installing 20 games is not being demanding and as more titles are released it is something that more and more people are going to want to do.

Microsoft has come in for some criticism due to the fact that there are no options to manually manage storage space, and that there is currently no support for external storage — although this is promised to arrive soon.

Check out the video below!