The Xbox One gets its second karaoke game for 2016

Let's SIng on Xbox One

The latest entry in the Let’s Sing karaoke video game franchise, Let’s Sing 2017, has just been confirmed for an October 14th 2016 release. This edition of the game will contain 35 songs packed in with the retail version but more tracks will be made available as paid downloadable content after release.

The game basically functions as a karaoke machine with a music video and lyrics displaying on the television screen and players having to sing along. Bars are shown during gameplay to assist in pitch and up to eight people can sing at a time on the Xbox One version. There is also support for online leaderboards to encourage competition between Xbox Live friends.

Let’s Sing 2017 will be sold by itself, in a special pack that contains one mic, and in another that comes with two. Like Ubisoft’s recently announced Just Sing game (due out a month earlier in September 2016) gamers can download a free app onto their iPhone or Android smartphone which will allow it to function as a microphone during gameplay.

The game modes for Let’s Sing 2017 haven’t been announced yet but it’s likely they will resemble those used in Let’s Sing 2016. Those modes included Classic (competing for the highest score), By Heart (on-screen lyrics randomly disappear), Expert (all lyrics hidden), Pass the Mic (players take turns singing), Duet (self-explanatory), 20,000! (first player to reach 20,000 points wins), and Elimination (points are deducted for incorrect notes).

The Let’s Sing series is unfortunately not available in all regions (Let’s Sing 2016 was primarily sold in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland) but Xbox One owners can simply import a copy from another country due to the console’s region free capabilities. Have you played the Let’s Sing games before? Let us know your thoughts on them in the comments below.

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