Xbox One gets a price cut at a UK retailer, now costs £349.99

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Xbox One gets a price cut at a UK retailer, now costs £349.99

Xbox One has received another price cut in the UK as Maplin, a UK retailer, slashed the price of the next-generation gaming console to £349.99. If you can’t recall, Xbox One got a price cut back in January at The Hut and Zavvi, who reduced the price of the console to £409.99. This is not an official price drop, but a strategy pulled off by Maplin, which makes the price of the Xbox One same as its rival, the PS4. There’s no word if this is a limited time offer or a permanent price cut.

Maplin slashed the price of the Xbox one to £349.99 down from £429.99, making it £50 cheaper than the official price in the region. It’s not just the retailers slashing the price of the Xbox One, which is a little expensive then the PS4, Microsoft also reduced the price to £399.99 in the UK, effective February 28th. It’s still more expensive than the PS4, but the price offered by Maplin, which also includes free shipping, is the same amount of money as the PS4.

As far as the sales are concerned, there’s no world about the number of units sold in the UK. Back in January, Microsoft did shed some light of the sales figure and announced the company managed to sell three million consoles since its launch last year. 

If you’re in the UK and thinking about getting yourself a Xbox One, now might be a good time to grab one. Several popular games are available for the console, including Titanfall, which will hit UK in the next few days, with more to follow in the coming months. Are you going to make use of this offer?

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