Xbox One FIFA 14 bundle slashed to £329 in the UK

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Xbox One

Retailers have been selling the Titanfall Xbox One bundle at discounted prices. Microsoft even slashed the price of the bundle to £399.99. The price reduction was followed by retailers as well, and Amazon and ASDA slashed the price of Xbox One Titanfall bundled to £349, in hope of increasing the sales figures of the  console. But this isn’t the only gaming bundle to receive some love from Microsoft.

Now, another retailer, Overclockers UK, has reduced the price of the Xbox One FIFA 14 bundle to £329, which is £100 less than the original price of the console itself, and £30 less than what PlayStation 4 is selling for in the region. Even if you don’t want the bundle, the console is available for £310, which is still a very competitive price.

Xbox One sales figures has been pretty impressive, but it’s not near Sony’s PlayStation 4. Microsoft announced the company sold five million units of the Xbox One to retailers, which is still less than what Sony managed to ship (7 million consoles). The listing doesn’t mention if it’s a limited time offer, but you must act fast as the product listing mentions only 10+ units in stock.

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