Xbox One February 2016 preview build goes live tonight at 6PM PST

Mark Coppock

We reported this morning on the fairly significant update coming to Xbox One Preview members today, including all kinds improvements including the much-desired Party feature. Xbox One’s Mike Ybarra just let us know precisely when the update is coming: 6pm PST.

You can check out our post from this morning, but here are the update’s highlights:

  • See who’s in a Party – This much requested feature is coming to Xbox One, and allows you to see who is in a Party before joining. Find a friend who is in a party, check out their profile, click on ‘chat’, and see who they’re in a Party with.
  • Gamerscore Leaderboard – The Leaderboard allows you to see where you stand relative to your friends, and see the biggest gains over the last 30 days.
  • Rearrange Pins, and launch them from offline – You can now organize Pins to your liking, and launch Pinned games or apps when you are offline.
  • Activity Feed updates – The Activity Feed will let you know when there are new items in your feed and you can click on the Activity Feed to get to the latest posts.
  • Joinable Twitch Broadcasts – It’s now easier to launch Twitch broadcasts, straight from the Game Hub and from game tiles.
  • Suggested Friends improvements – The latest update will offer you Suggested Friends in the Community area, with a gamertag, avatar, real name (if shared), and a reason why the gamer is being suggested.
  • Hide games from the ready-to-install list – The ability to hide trials, games and apps from the Ready to Install list has been re-enabled.

So, Xbox One Preview members, keep that controller at the ready. Come 6pm PST, you’ll want to head over to settings and get that update on the download.