Xbox One consoles retailing in India after year of exclusivity

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Indian Xbox fans, rejoice! After a year of exclusivity from Amazon India, the Xbox One is finally being sold in stores. While the console won't be sold at third party stores such as Croma and Reliance Digital, it's coming to Microsoft stores across the country. Just a few months ago, Microsoft went about re-branding the Indian Nokia stores into Microsoft stores, creating a larger presence for the company in India. It's going to be interesting to see if this results in an increase in sales for the console, as it seems like those who were interested in purchasing an Xbox One would have already done it on Amazon, and at a discounted price.
On the topic of that discounted price, it's important to note that Amazon may bring the price of the Xbox One up to its original point, as the exclusivity deal expires. The discount that Amazon held was very significant, taking the price of the console from Rs. 39,990 (approximately $600 USD) to Rs. 29,990 (approximately $450 USD). If this price were to jump back up, I'm sure that anybody who hadn't already picked up an Xbox One would reconsider getting one at all - Rs. 10,000 is quite a bit of money.
Regardless of whether or not the new-found availability of the console results in good sales, it's nice to see that Microsoft is spending more resources putting boots on the ground with Microsoft stores. Apple stores have been a huge success, so it stands to reason that the new Microsoft ecosystem would thrive in a store that's all its own. Here's hoping that Microsoft's effort to maintain a presence in stores is appreciated, and Microsoft gets a boost from the Indian market. With no third party-options selling the console on retail, the Microsoft store is bound to get a serious influx of traffic.

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