Xbox One console finds its way into leakers hands, gives us a look at the dashboard

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Xbox one

Just this week was the announcement that Microsoft had begun mass producing the Xbox One console, preparing them for those who pre-ordered the console. It appears however, that someone has managed to gain access to one of the consoles early, revealing the brand new dashboard UI.

It's currently unknown how said leaker (by name of Jackson Carter) managed to get his hands on the device. We know that currently the Xbox One dashboard is still in beta, and that the final version will be available when setting up the console for the first time in November. Right now, Jackson Carter claims that the dashboard is still buggy, which is understandable.

The video reveals how the multitasking element of Xbox One works, tapping the Xbox Home button on the controller will take you back to the dashboard while keeping the game in an active state. You can see it continue to run while navigating through the dashboard too. Pretty sweet.

Check out the video below, which also includes a brief tour of the controller and console itself. The original video has since been removed, but luckily its the internet, so there are mirrors! Enjoy!

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