Xbox One captures game footage, but no YouTube or Facebook sharing until next year

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Sep 23rd, 2013 inNews

Xbox One

Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One entertainment console is set for launch on November 22nd, and new minor details are trickling out about the console. Today, we have learned that the Xbox One’s in-game footage capture feature can only be shared to Xbox LIVE. By next year, Microsoft plans to have support for YouTube and Facebook sharing.

“Game capture is pretty slick. We saw a marble maze game get instant capture of the last 30 seconds of buffered frames from a simple voice command. Xbox One’s Upload Studio had a 720p 30fps clip waiting immediately after. Users can quickly edit, save, or share this clip with further commands. Another voice command can have you back in the game just as quickly,” a report over at Destructoid stated.

However, according to the Xbox senior director of product management and planning, Albert Panello, these game clips can only be shared to Xbox LIVE when the console launches in November. However, Microsoft is working on having social sites like YouTube and Facebook integration by next year, offering gamers the ability to share their footage to the world.

The Xbox One is set to launch November 22nd.

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