Xbox One to feature MP3 playback and support for DLNA, unlike the PS4

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Xbox One vs PS4

Sony recently released their FAQ about their upcoming gaming console, the PS4, which is planned to be released November 15. The FAQ explained what many people have been asking, and a detailed description of everything related to the PS4.

Future PS4 console owners were very disappointed once Sony explained that the PS4 won’t feature MP3 playback and support for DLNA. The folks at The Penny Arcade contacted Microsoft and asked if the Xbox One will have these basic features. Microsoft replied and said that the Xbox One will be able to do all these basic tasks.

The Xbox One will be able to play audio CDs and will be DLNA compatible, meaning you can setup your media server with seamless video and audio file playback from all different kinds of devices. With all of Microsoft’s “metro” interface, great ecosystem (with computers, tablets, and phones), and their cloud-based technology, the experience will be the best Microsoft has to offer. 

Of course, we don’t really need a confirmation from Microsoft stating if these features will be included in the Xbox One, since we all know that Microsoft is trying to tackle people’s living room with a system that has everything from Kinect, to a console, to a video-streaming box, to pretty much everything.

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