Xbox One and PlayStation 4 go head to head – let the battle commence!

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Xbox One and PlayStation 4 go head to head - let battle commence!

There has always been rivalry between the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, just as there is between Mac and Windows users, and people who prefer iOS, Android or Windows Phone — it’s understandable, and it’s all part of the fun. Things always heat up a little around the time of new releases, and Sony and Microsoft’s latest console are being released at just about the same time and so the two rivals are going to be even more closely scrutinized this time around.

In the US, Sony got a slight head start with a November 15th release date. Microsoft have been very friendly about the whole thing and even offered congratulations on the day. With less than a week until the global launch of the Xbox One, and just under a fortnight until the PS4 is available worldwide, British newspaper the Independent takes the opportunity to compare the two consoles.

While there are many people who made up their minds months ago about which console to buy, there is still time for those sitting on the fence to fall one way or the others — of course, there will always be some people who avoid making the decision and simply buy both!

The first thing that anyone will notice is the difference in price. The Xbox is on the market for $499.99, while the PS4 comes in $100 cheaper at $399.99, but as the Independent points out, Xbox One buyers get the Kinect bundled, while PS4 buyers will have to buy the Eye separately.

In terms of hardware, both consoles are packing 8GB of RAM (DDR5 for the PS4 and DDR3 for the Xbox One) and both feature eight-core processors. The Xbox One’s GPU pushing through around 1.31 TeraFLOPS/s compared to the PS4’s 1.84. Both consoles come with a 500GB hard drive as standard, but only the Xbox One storage can be expanded with a USB drive.

Both platforms have their fair share of exclusive titles, and this could well be what sways the decision of anyone who is in two minds about which one to buy. Halo 5 is going to be a massive seller for Xbox One, and there are plenty more exclusives on the cards.

Check the link below for a full comparison between the two consoles.

So… are you sticking firmly in one camp, or are you going to dip your toes in both?

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