The Xbox One and Madden NFL 15 used by NFL players to preview Thanksgiving day

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The xbox one and madden nfl 15 are used by nfl players to have a preview of thanksgiving day

The Xbox One was used in a pre-thanksgiving event where different NFL stars played their opponents as they will on thanksgiving day, but via Madden NFL 15. Players from Seahawks, 49ers, Bears, and Lions all faced off and trash talked via Skype the whole time. Microsoft is using this stunt to promote the Xbox One and its ability to run two things at once, like Skype and Madden NFL 15.

The games played were all in good fun, but for Microsoft this is an attempt to get more coverage before Black Friday. The Xbox One has been lagging in sales for a while, and changing that has proven very difficult for Microsoft to do. Microsoft needs to get their consoles in more markets, and they need to promote the differences in capabilities between the Xbox One and the PS4.

Having the NFL players play a simulated game is a fun way of making a prediction on who will win on Thanksgiving, but Bing already has its predictions ready. Bing predicts the Lions, the Cowboys, and the 49ers will be the victors on Thanksgiving. According to the Xbox One results, the Seahawks and the Lions will be the victors, but the Cowboys and Eagles didn't play. So there was some agreeing between Xbox One and Bing, we'll see how the actual games play out.

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