Xbox news recap: Xbox Game Pass now generally available, New features on the way with build 1706 and more

Michael Cottuli

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Welcome to our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox. Let’s get started.

Xbox Game Pass now generally available

Thought to be the “Netflix of single player games” by Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, the Xbox Game Pass is now finally available to everybody with an Xbox One. The game pass offers subscribers unlimited access to a library full of hundreds of games that they can play at will, including blockbusters like Halo 5: Guardians, if they want to get into some multiplayer stuff as well.

Xbox Game Pass

New features coming with 1706

The first build of 1706 has made its way to the Xbox Insider Program, giving Xbox One users a little something more in their gaming experience. The update has several tweaks and new features, but the primary two are the addition of Mixer co-streaming and the introduction of controller-linked sign-in.

Xbox One dashboard - Mixer

Free Mixer Pro giveaway causes confusion

Upon the transition to Mixer, the team behind Microsoft’s streaming service gave a free year of Pro membership to those who had been loyal to the service – people who had user level 50 or above. Unfortunately, they didn’t really communicate this very well. The people who were given this free year of subscription ended up being sent the standard “Thank you for going Pro” email, with no mention that this was given to them gratis. It ended up confusing a whole lot of people.


Microsoft Garage releases “Your News”

“Your News,” a new app for Xbox One, is the most recent project to be coming out of the experimental Microsoft Garage. The project takes news stories from all over, and compiles them for you to watch on your console. If you’d like to take a step back, it’ll play varied stories throughout the day for you, one after another. You’ll also be able to skim through headlines, to give yourself a brief overview of the day’s events.

Microsoft Garage Your News Xbox One

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