Xbox news recap: Xbox Game Pass gains 2 new titles, Microsoft announces Sea of Thieves Xbox One S bundle and more

Sea of Thieves on Xbox One and Windows 10
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Welcome to our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox. Let’s get started.

Xbox Game Pass getting a ton of games in March

The Xbox Game Pass had several games added to it this week, as part of a wave of titles coming to the service in the month of March. Rise of the Tomb Raider and Super Lucky’s Tale are just a couple of the added titles, but Sea of Thieves is also going to be joining the Xbox Game Pass Lineup when it comes out later this month.

Microsoft announces Sea of Thieves Xbox One S bundle

Looking for a new Xbox One? Want to get something that expresses your love for Sea of Thieves? For $299, you’ll be able to pick up the new Sea of Thieves Xbox One S bundle. The bundle will be coming out with the game on March 20th, but you can pre-order it right now on the Microsoft store.

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Microsoft adds a few new features to protect your account

Microsoft has added in a few new security features, including a “Forgot your account” feature to help people recover their account information without needed to call Microsoft support. You can now more easily recover your username through the Xbox UI, and you can very easily change your password if Microsoft alerts you that someone else is using your Xbox account somewhere.

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Xbox One X gets the option to disable enhanced graphics

The Xbox One X is getting the option to disable enhanced graphics on Xbox 360 games, along with a set of four new enhanced titles. The reason for Microsoft giving the option to players is just so that they have “more control over their gaming experience.” Whatever your reason may be, you now have the option to downgrade the visuals of the game to bring yourself back in time, and experience what your game looked like back in the day.

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