Xbox Music Pass formally introduced to consumers via an email from Microsoft

Xbox Music Pass

Back in October, Microsoft launched its highly anticipated Xbox Music service (which was a previously branded as the Zune Pass service) for both the Xbox 360 entertainment console and Windows 8 operating system. This new all-in-one service fixes the problem of having tons of individual services to achieve the best music experience.

While may of you may already have this service up and running, this would mark the first time Microsoft has formally introduced this service via an email to consumers. Nothing new is revealed in the email, it is simply just a formal introduction of the service for those who haven't heard about it yet. Xbox Music already comes pre-installed with Windows 8 and is the default music player for the operating system. You will see free ad-supported streaming of music on PC, tablet, and smartphone. Users can even purchase a Xbox Music Pass for 10$ and allow you to take your music to the cloud. Consumers can add up to 5 devices at any time. "All they’ll need to do is sign in, and they’ll instantly have all of their content on that device, including access to the playlists they've built," Microsoft stated during the official announcement back in October.

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