Xbox Music opens APIs to 3rd parties, offers commission for bringing in more users

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Xbox Music opens APIs to 3rd party, offers commission for bringing in more users

Microsoft has made Xbox Music APIs available to all. First announced at the Build conference, the company is now making said APIs available to any third party developers that are interested in making use of them.

The APIs will give developers the ability to search through Xbox Music’s library of 38 million tracks by using catalogs like artists, albums, tracks etc. They’ll also be able to get added information such as artist details and album images. Xbox Music team is also offering access to user authenticated features.

Furthermore, there are APIs that will allow the developers to curate content to fit a user’s taste. The APIs will also give access to 30 second MP3 previews of all the songs.

In addition, Xbox Music is also giving you a chance to make some money. For every user that you will bring to Xbox Music through your app you can earn a 5 percent commission on their purchases, and a 10 percent commission on Music pass payments. “You currently will earn a 5 percent share on purchases and as the Xbox Music pass is at the core of our service, 10 percent on all music pass payments for the lifetime of the subscription.“

The company has also made available several useful resources and tutorials on its websites and other places to help the developers. You can find more about it via the link below.

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