Xbox Music now lets you delete items from your recent plays

Sean Michael

Xbox Music

Are you a belieber but don’t want your friends to know about it? Do you have a music listening history worth erasing from existence? Then you’re in luck. The latest update to Xbox Music allows you to do just that. Here’s the full log of the new update.

  • You can now remove an item from your Recent plays!
  • Tired of waiting for the app to sync? Now you can manually kick one off whenever you like from Settings.

Those are the only two updates listed. Below them is an invitation “continue making your feedback known on UserVoice, in store reviews, and elsewhere on the Internet. We’re listening!” The post is on so most likely these were requested by users and Microsoft seems happy to oblige. No matter how small the update, it’s nice to see such a large company listen to feedback.

There’s nothing too substantial here but deleting recently songs played could potentially save you from some embarrassment and having the option to manually sync is always nice.