Xbox Music Deals pulls free music offers, are they gone for good?

Kip Kniskern

Xbox Music Deals pulls free music offers

Well, that was fun while it lasted!  In late November, Xbox Music began offering free music through its Xbox Music Deals app, and actually updated the music selection a number of times, but now it looks like the free ride is over.  While there’s still a 99 cent deal available as of this writing, and a number of great albums offered at $1.99 (those are apparently disappearing soon, too), the free music section has gone missing.

Last week, Microsoft posted that the 99 cent deals were coming to an end, but made no mention of the end of the free music promotion, although the albums were marked with a “time left” counter.  Apparently the promotion came to an end even before the counter did, however, causing some concern over at Microsoft Answers.  Sometimes you can’t even give stuff away without upsetting people!

Although this latest round of promotions is over, Xbox Music Deals isn’t done yet, according to a moderator at Microsoft Answers:

From my understanding this application will continue to run promotions.  You might want to continue to check the application to see if the albums you wanted are part of a future promotion.

Let us know if you notice any new great stuff from Xbox Music Deals!