Xbox Music brings music videos to the Xbox One console

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Xbox Music brings videos the Xbox One Console

"Music to your eyes". That's how the Xbox One team describes its latest update. The service has been a part of the console since launch, but the visual aspect of the whole thing is new. 

Today Microsoft announces, "As music has evolved, so has our consumption of it. Once a TV staple, music videos are now primarily housed on the internet, where easy access is key. With that philosophy in mind, we’re bringing that easy discoverability to your music viewing experience on Xbox One. Beginning today, we’re introducing more than 92,000 music videos to Xbox Music."

There really isn't anything for customers to do to enable this -- when you create a station or choose a playlist then the video will appear on your TV screen. "You don’t have to spend hours tracking down videos for each song – it’s all rolled into one easy step", the Xbox team confirms. That is providing, of course, that Xbox Music has it. More obscure tastes may be out of luck, but that's the case with many services.

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