Xbox Music and Video receive updates for Windows 8

Xbox Music and Video receive new updates in the Windows 8.1 Store

Microsoft has been slowly, but surely improving the Xbox Music app since the service – rather controversially – replaced the Zune client, both on Windows and Windows Phone. While the Windows version hasn’t been in as dire need for fixes and feature upgrades as its Windows Phone counterpart, it’s good to see that the app is also getting a fair share of attention.

Today marks the continuation of Microsoft’s commitment to its entertainment platforms as Xbox Music and Video both receive updates on Windows 8.1. Starting with Xbox Music, the latest update brings along the regular fixes and performance improvements, as well as reduced playback errors, the ability to automatically skip unplayable tracks in a playlist, as well as making it easier to identify when albums and songs are not available for streaming, whether it’s due to errors or other restrictions. There’s also a nice confirmation message that displays upon the purchase of music.

Xbox Video on the other hand didn’t get nearly as many updates other than the “minor bug fixes and improvements” – which could be any number of fixes really, who knows – although it does allow you to delete local videos directly from the app now, which surprisingly wasn’t a feature that was there before! It seems Microsoft still needs to get some of the basics out of the way.

If you’ve been longing for any of these features, or you’re like us and have a killer urge to keep everything up-to-date, all the time, forever, you can go right ahead and download the updates by following the source links below. Alternatively, just use the check for updates feature in the Windows Store to make sure all your apps are up-to-date.

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