Xbox Multimedia Executive Blair Westlak resigns from Microsoft


One of the biggest champions at Microsoft, Blair Westlak, who spearheaded the Xbox platform, after 10 years of service to the firm has resigned today. Westlak believes that the company is moving in a different direction which doesn’t necessarily require his skills and contributions anymore.

A former Universal Television chairman, Blake joined Microsoft in 2004. At the firm, he headed the media partnerships and took care of licensing of movies and TV shows for Xbox platforms. Given how the Xbox One has evolved from being just a gaming console to a full-fledged entertainment system, one could see Blake’s visions and contributions.

He also pinpointed how there has been so much role-shifting going on within the firm. “Over the last few months Microsoft has been undergoing a large-scale reorganization”. In a statement to Variety, he said, “It has become clear to me that the organization is moving in a direction that does not fit either my expertise or my skill sets”.

Westlak’s resignation comes about 2 years after the Redmond giant hired CBS president Nancy Tellem to head the Xbox’s Entertainment Studio. 

“During that period, I have had the privilege of working with numerous talented and professional people. While I will miss their company and our interaction, I truly believe that this move is in the best interest of all parties concerned. I want to thank my talented and committed team, as well as Yusuf Mehdi, Robbie Bach, Will Poole and Hank Vigil, all of whom had a significant and positive impact on me during my tenure at Microsoft.”, said Westlak as he leaves the company.

In another statement given to Variety, Microsoft acknowledges Blake’s contributions and wishes him the best. “[Westlake] made valuable contributions to the company and we wish him success in his future endeavors,”.

As if finding the replacement for Steve Ballmer as CEO of the firm wasn’t enough, the software giant has now more cabinets to fill. 

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