Xbox Live sees 'strong growth' in transactional revenue at 46 million monthly active users

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For anyone who uses Xbox Live, it's always nice to hear that things are improving for the company maintaining those servers for you. In the FY16 Q3 financial report from Microsoft, we see that Microsoft has received some "strong growth" in revenue from Xbox Live.

Specifically, the number of Xbox Live users from last year has grown 26% to 46 million, making up a significant amount of revenue from Xbox Live subscriptions.

Xbox live sees 'strong growth' in transactional revenue at 46 million monthly active users - onmsft. Com - april 21, 2016
Gaming revenues.

Revenue from gaming overall grew 11%, and since the launch of Windows 10 (and the launch of Windows 10 gaming as well) gamers on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC's have streamed over 10 million hours of gameplay, proving that there is a huge number of people that are ready and willing to stream console games on popular websites like Twitch.

The numbers that Xbox is looking at this quarter are very promising, to say the least, showing some marked success in the efforts that they've recently made to beef up the amount of games running on Windows 10 and Xbox One - most notably Quantum Break. With any luck, future efforts on the part of Xbox (specifically games like Gears of War 4) will continue to raise the interest in Xbox One and Xbox Live, raising this number even higher for FY16 Q4.

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