Xbox Live reports service outages, sign-in issues resolved for most, ‘social and gaming’ isn’t

Xbox Live reports service outages, sign-in issues resolved for most, 'social and gaming' isn't

Xbox Live has run into a connectivity issue that is preventing several of its users from signing into their Xbox 360 and Xbox One accounts. While Microsoft has resolved the sign-in functionality for the vast majority of users, the social and gaming feature of the service is still affected.

The ‘social and gaming’ outage disallows people from joining other Xbox Live members. One game that has been spotted to be affected by this feature is Diablo 3. The game title’s Party Chat feature is down on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms, along with server unavailability issues for Xbox One users.  

“Hi Xbox members. Are you having trouble connecting to Party Chat on Diablo 3 on Xbox One and Xbox 360? Additionally, Xbox One users, are you experiencing server unavailability issues?” Xbox Live’s support page reads. “Us too, but we’re working alongside our partner to get these issues fixed ASAP! We’ll keep you posted when we have more information on this issue. In the meantime, thanks for staying patient.”

While the Xbox team is yet to reveal what exactly triggered these issues, we may already know it. Last week, PlayStation Network was also affected with the same issues, where a bunch of hackers launched DDoS attack on the network. The same hackers are taking credit for the Xbox Live outages.

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