Xbox Live game sales go in effect for holiday season

Nokia AppSocial Xbox Live games list, credits to WPC

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Especially if you’re a Windows Phone user. The holiday season has already started for Nokia, and what way is it better to celebrate by getting games for a much lower price? It’s the best way!

Nokia have put up some very nice Xbox Live titles up for sale for the holiday season in their Nokia AppSocial app, where you can follow collections and share your favorite games and apps. Users can now get:

  • Mass Effect: Infiltrator – $3.99
  • FIFA 13 – $2.99
  • NBA JAM – $0.99
  • Tiger Woods 12 – $0.99
  • The Dark Knight Rises – $2.99
  • The Amazing Spider Man – $2.99
  • Real Racing 2 – $2.99
  • FC Rocket – $2.99 (until November 27th)

Users will be able to get these in the future (we’ve added the dates they will be on sale):

  • The Sims 3 – $3.99 (November 29th)
  • Trivial Pursuit – $1.99 (November 29th)
  • Picnic Wars – $1.99 (November 29th)
  • Monopoly – $2.99 (November 29th)
  • Risk – $1.99 (November 29th)
  • The Game of Life – $1.99 (November 29th)
  • Bejeweled Live + – $2.99 (November 29th)
  • The Sims Medieval – $3.99 (December 12th)
  • ​SPY Mouse – $0.99 (December 12th)
  • Storm in a Teacup – $0.99 (December 12th)
  • Contre Jour – $0.99 (December 12th)

With the holiday season kicking in, this is a great time to buy these games if you’ve been waiting for their prices to drop. Another great reason is that they all have Xbox Live, so you can rack up your achievements and compare against your friends to reach the top of the throne. So why don’t you head to Nokia’s profile on AppSocial and start downloading!

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