Xbox launches Enforcement United, allows players to enforce gamertags


The Xbox LIVE community is a rather friendly place thanks to it's LIVE Enforcement Team which are constantly giving out warnings or banning players who misbehave on the service. Today, Xbox are launching a new program that aims to let other players decide whether something that has been reported is offensive or not.

Those who join the Enforcement United beta will "... participate by providing their opinions on whether particular content, initially Gamertags, violate the Xbox Live Code of Conduct" the blog stated. This means accounts that have been reported for having a "rude" gamertag can be sorted by the players. It also helps for accounts which have falsely been reported. For example, an account with the gamertag 'sM4llziE' isn't rude, but may have been reported, those on the Enforcement United beta will get to decide whether or not that gamertag is violating the code of conduct.

Systems have also been put in place to stop users from abusing the system. According to the blog post, "We have built in a series of carefully designed controls so no individual participant can wield unchecked power over another."

Currently, Ambassadors on the Xbox LIVE service get first dibs at the beta, and it will roll out to a wider public soon. Check out the source link for all the details

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