Xbox Kinect Adapters will be back in stock on November 10th

Many buyers of Microsoft's new Xbox One X console wanting to use the Kinect for basic "Xbox" voice commands, Cortana interactions, Skype video-calls, or the numerous Kinect-enabled video games have been out of luck this month as the Xbox Kinect Adapter, which is needed to connect the Kinect to an Xbox One S or Xbox One X console, has been sold out on Amazon, Microsoft Store, and most other retailers.

Thankfully it appears that Microsoft is making more Kinect Adapters to meet demand as the official Amazon product page now states that more would be arriving on November 10th. Interested gamers can order one today and it should ship on or around the release date.

Have you managed to buy a Kinect Adapter yet or have you been waiting for them to come back in stock? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below.

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