Xbox Infinity allegedly confirmed as the name for the next gen Xbox, codename Durango

Xbox Infinity

According to IBTimes, Xbox Infinity is the name of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox console, codename Durango. Citing sources related to Xbox development, development kits for Xbox Infinity are already in the hands of studios.

“Sources related to development of the new Xbox have confirmed to IBTimes UK that the console, which is scheduled to be launched on 21 May, will be called Infinity,” the report states. We’ve heard different names, including Xbox Next, Xbox vNext, Xbox 720, but it seems that this report is claiming that Microsoft is calling the next-gen Xbox as Xbox Infinity. While Microsoft refuses to acknowledge this and we are classifying this as a rumor until Microsoft offers any official statement, one may wonder if this is true or not.

What we do know for sure is that Microsoft is planning on announcing the next generation Xbox console on May 21st. After that, Microsoft is expected to completely reveal its plans for the next generation Xbox on the eve of the E3 entertainment expo in early June 2013. The new Xbox is rumored to feature a Blu-ray drive and a new Kinect alongside the Xbox console.

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