Xbox hits new milestone of 100,000 available achievements for the console

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Most people love achievements. From good grades in school to hitting health-related milestones with fitness tracking, most people are in a constant engagement with reward-based subcultures. A subculture that has taken achievements to an entirely different height is gaming. The inherent competitive nature of gaming lends itself to the adoption of reward based results. The desire for positive reinforcement is no more apparent than having a look at a gamers profile and seeing it littered with achievements from tireless hours spent seeking rewards.
Fortunately, for many gamers, console gaming has made achievement gaming, a relatively easy affair. Console gaming has been the home of gaming achievements so much so, that the team over at Xbox can now celebrate hitting a milestone of 100,000 available achievements for the console.
According to folks over in the Xbox division, “On July 31st, 2015, the total published achievement list reached 100,000.” A journalist over at TrueAchievements took the time to break down exactly what this milestone means to the Xbox and its gamers.
Image Credit: WinBeta
For a little context, TrueAchievements reports that understandably, the Xbox 360 holds the vast majority of available achievements. The Xbox 360 ushered in account-based achievements in 2005 and had an 8-year lead on its predecessor. With over 75% of available achievements being housed on the Xbox 360, that leaves very little for other Microsoft platforms to divvy up. As it stands, the Xbox One comes in number two at 13,522 available achievements, Windows Phone with 4,481 and Windows wrapping up the last spot with 2,166.
The TrueAchievement report breaks down the milestone into further categories that include achievements by genre, with Action-Adventure, Shooters and Sports games all within spitting distance of each other and battling for genre with the most achievements. Also included are Achievement Win Percentages, DLC vs. base gameplay achievements, yearly distribution of achievements and achievement difficulty.
With the Xbox 360 holding the reigns for this milestone, the Xbox One has a lot of ground to make up. Almost three years into its lifecycle, a renewed gaming focus and expanded areas of opportunity cropping up, it should have no problem at least matching its predecessor.

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