Xbox Head Phil Spencer discusses PC Gaming on Windows 10 at the E3 PC Gaming Show

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 This week has been action packed so far with lots of important gaming news. A post from Blogging Windows outlines Microsoft’s commitment to PC gaming with Phil Spencer with Head of Microsoft’s Xbox division attending the very first PC Gaming Show.

Spencer was quite frank in highlighting Microsoft’s past shortcomings in regards to PC Gaming stating that “there have been times in our past where Microsoft has maybe lost our way with PC gaming.” He iterates that despite losing their way PC gaming is critical to the success of Windows and that new features in Windows 10, including DirectX 12 and Xbox One game streaming, exhibit Microsoft’s renewed commitment to PC gamers.

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When asked about what has changed in Microsoft to re-focus its efforts towards PC gaming in Windows 10 Spencer explains that Windows 10 was designed with developers at the forefront. He highlights the importance of Windows 10 being a free upgrade – coming on July 29th – that means “everybody will be on one version of Windows.” Furthermore, he outlines that Xbox and Windows are running on the same API’s is key to game development. 

Spencer on Game Development: “It’s not our job to dictate where games are developed or what kinds of games developers want to build. But giving developers the options, the opportunity, creating the widest canvas we can for creativity.”

This developer-first approach from Microsoft for Spencer “leads to the bet games.” It is also highlighted that DirectX 12 will enhance gaming on Windows 10 and the benefits DirectX will bring gamers “a noticeable increase in graphics processing performance and reduced power consumption.”

Blogging Windows mentions Microsoft’s commitment to opening up opportunities for VR with partnerships with Valve VR and Oculus. With a Universal Positional Tracking API being developed as an industry standard Microsoft outlines that developers will be able to create virtual reality apps that span across a wide range or devices and form factors.

It is no secret that Microsoft is selling the benefits of Windows 10 to developers and consumers alike. Admitting their past shortcomings certainly shows Microsoft is listening to what people have to say about their services and Phil Spencer’s attendance at the PC Gaming Show reinforces their commitment to PC gamers in the development of Windows 10.

The Blogging Windows blog post can be found here.

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