Xbox gets additional payment options, download codes now available

Xbox get additional payment options, download codes now available

While the Xbox One has been on the market since late last year, the Xbox 360 also remains on the market and is a good seller. With both consoles, customers can access games via a convenient download feature -- much easier than driving to the store and buying a disc. Now Microsoft is making these purchases even simpler. 

Download codes can now be purchased, though it does involve going to a store. These come in the form of gift cards, and will be available at retailers in both the US and the UK. While traditional gift cards were already available, these work a bit differently. 

According to Xbox Live's Major Nelson, "We’re kicking this off with digital download codes for select map and expansion packs for franchises like Halo and Forza, as well as fan favorite digital games including Max: Curse of Brotherhood and State of Decay". 

Once purchased, customers will need to fire up the console and visit to redeem the download code. Help can be found at the Xbox Support site, for those having problems with the process. Customers should be able to find these new cards in stores beginning right away, so keep an eye out.

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