Xbox at GDC 2015: Microsoft working on HoloLens games, more info at Build

Email Twitter: @kipkniskern Mar 4th, 2015 inNews

Xbox at GDC: Microsoft working on HoloLens games

Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer is on stage at GDC right now, talking about the future of Xbox, Windows, games, and HoloLens.  Spencer has announced that Microsoft 1st party studios are actively working on games for the HoloLens.  Developers who want first crack at the HoloLens APIs should make sure they’re enrolled in the Windows Insider Program, said Spencer.  Anyone interested should also stay tuned to what will be coming out of Build, where Microsoft will have more details on HoloLens and games.

We’ll have more on what’s coming out of GDC as it happens, including a webcast of the Phil Spencer keynote as soon as it’s up.

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