Microsoft could be working on an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan

Arif Bacchus


Xbox Game Pass is already one of the best values in gaming, but there’s a chance it could get even better for folks who have multiple game players in one household. According to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft could be working on an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan for launch later this year.

Details on the plan are coming off what Windows Central’s Jez Corden cites as “trusted sources familiar with Microsoft’s efforts.” Per thos sources, Corden believes that the Family Plan could be paid for on a higher tier, with access for “five players for games across an entire library.” This would be cheaper than paying for five Xbox Game Pass accounts, and one person will be able to manage it all, just like Netflix.

It’s not clear if the plan covers both Xbox Game Pass on console, or PC, or both with Game Pass Ultimate. Pricing is also not certain yet either, but it’s good to see that Microsoft is considering this, especially because Netflix and other similar streaming platforms have similar Family Plans. It won’t be new ground for Microsoft, either, as you can already share Office with a single account through Microsoft 365 Family.