Xbox Game Pass Alpha rolls out to more Xbox One Insiders

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Looking to get your hands on some free games, and help Microsoft develop the future of Xbox while you're at it? If you're on Preview Ring 3 of the Xbox Insider program, you'll get your chance. This ring of insiders is getting access to the Xbox Game Pass - Microsoft's new game "vault" service, which opens up access to tons of games for a monthly subscription (via Windows Central.)

You'll only be getting a small portion of the hundreds of games offered in the Game Pass - only about 30 - but it's enough to get the gist of the program, and you won't have to pay the subscription as long as you're part of the preview group.

Just go to the Insider Content tab on your Xbox One and check off the Xbox Game Pass Preview section to get access to your new games. While they won't stick around forever - unless you end up subscribing when the service goes live - they're definitely games worth playing. Go ahead and send out any feedback to the Xbox team to make sure the Game Pass becomes the best it can be!

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