Xbox Fitness to stay free for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers through 2015

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Xbox fitness to stay free for xbox live gold subscribers through 2015 - onmsft. Com - december 9, 2014

In September 2013, Microsoft announced a new feature called Xbox Fitness, which is only available on Xbox One with a Kinect sensor. When Xbox Fitness was first announced, Microsoft stated that it would be available for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers until the end of December 2014. Even the official Xbox Fitness FAQ says, "An Xbox Fitness Pass gives you unlimited access to the world's best workouts for free with your Xbox Live Gold membership through December 2014, only on Xbox One." If you have enjoyed using Xbox Fitness for free and would like to continue to do so, it looks like there is good news for you.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft has announced that Xbox Fitness will remain part of the Xbox LIVE Gold subscription through 2015. The statement reads:

"While some of the content available will change in January, Xbox Fitness will continue to offer free and unlimited access to a wide fitness video catalog with your Xbox Live Gold membership, as well as the option to purchase additional full programs with Gold and Silver memberships."

Xbox Fitness was one of the launch titles that was used to display the capabilities of the new platform, especially the Kinect's sensor capabilities. Microsoft had originally intended to charge a second subscription on top of the subscription for Xbox Live Gold starting in 2015. Microsoft appears to be backing-off its original statement and continue to offer Xbox for free going into 2015.

This is a good move for Microsoft considering the limited audience for Xbox Fitness. It looks as if Microsoft is trying to get back to what their Xbox Gold subscribers really want in order to make Xbox One the best platform it can be.

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