Xbox Family Settings app adds spending limits and more controls for parents

Microsoft’s Xbox Family Settings app for iOS and Android is getting new features to help parents to manage their kids’ spending on the Xbox Store. With the latest update released today, the app now lets parents add money to their children’s accounts on the go, and this feature should also be a good way for parents to set regular spending limits on games and in-game purchases.

Parents can also turn on a new “Ask to buy” feature in the app to get notifications every time their children want to buy something on the Xbox Store that they can’t afford with the money that's left in their account. In that case, parents can either make the purchase on their child’s behalf or add more money to their account.

Last but not least, the Xbox Family Settings app now lets parents view their child’s account balance and spending history. "With these new features, parents are empowered to customize their family’s access to spending money in games or in the Microsoft Store to fit what’s right for them,” the Xbox team explained.

The Xbox Family Settings app is free to download on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, and you can get it from the links below. The Xbox team will continue to listen to feedback to add more features that parents want, but it's already a great tool for families with kids playing games on Xbox consoles.

‎Xbox Family Settings
‎Xbox Family Settings
Xbox Family Settings
Xbox Family Settings

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