Xbox engineers confront actor Martin Starr for taking credit for their work

A few days ago actor Martin Star, self-proclaimed "The innovation Guy," while channeling his character in Silicon Valley, put out a video in which he took credit for several important projects in Xbox. In addition to claiming to be the the mind from which Mass Effect and Gears of War spawned, he also used the video to tell us that the new Xbox experience came from him - backwards compatibility and all.
Unfortunately for Martin Starr, the Xbox team didn't take too kindly to that. Two Xbox engineers who worked on bringing backwards compatibility to the Xbox One sat Martin down and grilled him about his supposed work on the new Xbox One experience.

This campaign with Martin Starr has been hilarious, and it's nice to see the Xbox team do some marketing around backwards compatibility to make the console seem more attractive this holiday season. With Xbox One stealing the PS4's position as the top console of November, the sort of momentum an ad campaign like this can offer. We'll see if Martin Starr makes a return sometime in the future - he certainly seems like a good comedic foil to the folks at Xbox, if this video is anything to go by.

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