Xbox Cloud Gaming compatibility expands to offer more games on more devices

Robert Collins

Imagine booting up a game like say, Forza Horizon 5 on your Xbox Series X. As the competition gets more intense you move over to your PC with its racing wheel and pedals, just to get every advantage you can. Then as you wind down for your victory lap you hop over to the comfort your tablet. All without leaving the game.

That is the beauty of cloud gaming.

Another great thing about gaming in the cloud is that you aren’t tied to a specific machine. With the Xbox app you can play on an impressive range of devices ranging from mobile phones to the newest Samsung Smart TVs. This makes gaming on Xbox more accessible than it has ever been before, and that’s a great thing for everyone.

And so with the Xbox app’s newest update, more Windows PCs are fully compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming—specifically those running ARM64, like the brand-spanking-newly-unveiled Surface devices from Microsoft itself. You can check these out over on the Microsoft Devices Blog, by the way.

This in addition to Google Chromebooks, which were also recently added.

To get started with cloud gaming, log into the Xbox App or go to You can learn more here.

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